Design Development
Design Development

Design Development

Facility Design Process
Design Guides
01.0 Arrival
02.0 Administration
03.0 Retail
04.0 Lockers/Changing
05.0 Relaxation Spaces
06.0 Indoor Amenities
07.0 Spa Treatment Rooms
08.0 Regenerative Medicine
09.0 MedSpa
10.0 Beauty Salon
11.0 Barber/Men’s Salon
12.0 Spa Culinary
13.0 Support
14.0 Fitness
15.0 Outdoor Fitness
16.0 Outdoor Thermal Amenities
17.0 Landscape
1.0 Pre-Launch - 01 Documentation
1.0 Pre-Launch - 02 DLC Partners & Stakeholders
1.0 Pre-Launch - 03 Site Audit & Survey
1.0 Pre-Launch - 04 Systems & Processes
18.0 Other Wellness Associated
19.0 Circulation
2.0 Launch
2.0 Launch - 01 Presentations & Proposals
2.0 Launch - 02 Menus & Marketing Material
2.0 Launch - 03 Vendor Forms & Information
2.0 Launch - 04 SOPs & Protocols
2.0 Launch - 05 Staffing & Onboarding
2.0 Launch - 06 Operational Systems & Software
3.0 Active Operations
3.0 Active Operations - 01 Documentation
3.0 Active Operations - 02 Vendors Inventories & Quotes
3.0 Active Operations - 03 Menus Brochures & Printed Collateral
3.0 Active Operations - 04 SOPs & Protocols
3.0 Active Operations - 05 Staffing
3.0 Active Operations - 06 Operational Equip. & Programs
3.0 Active Operations - 07 Presentations & Proposals
Design Resources

Discovery Well Being Design


The purpose of this document is to outline the essential considerations, requirements, and guidelines for planning and creating a spa and wellness facility.
  • It is a comprehensive resource for architects, designers, other related trades and consultants, and spa operators, ensuring that the facility's design aligns with industry standards and provides an optimal experience for clients.
  • The document serves as the official design criteria for all Discovery Well Being projects and is intended to establish and maintain design consistency across all Discovery Well Being facilities.
  • The site is globally searchable using keywords, meaning you will find all instances of the searched term across all standards that you have access to.

Design Philosophy

Holistic Approach

Discovery Well Being takes a holistic and curated approach to wellness. We believe all aspects of daily life play a role in our overall health and well-being.
Our design philosophy approaches facilities and programming in the same way. The programming and experiences are not confined to spa, fitness, wellness, and medical facilities. Every space has significance, plays a role in the wellness program, and has an opportunity to contribute the brand strategies of Discovery Well Being.
Whether dining, excursions, farm, equestrian, golf, water sports or any other activities, Outdoor Pursuits, and venues, it is critical to the quality of the program that these spaces interact and support the dedicated health and wellness facilities.
Design these facilities to convey an atmosphere of personalized attention, rejuvenation, escape, and comfort.

Bespoke Experiences

Each Discovery Well Being facility (spa, wellness center, regenerative medical center, or fitness center) is unique to its location and should be consistent with its surroundings, local culture, and the overall intention of the host DLC World.

Preferred Design Development Process

(Market Research Analysis includes proforma, project location, and member profiles.)
(Market Research Analysis includes proforma, project location, and member profiles.)